TED talks triumph for Clon

I was one of the lucky people who spent a magical day at TEDx in Clonakilty on Saturday, an event brilliantly organised by Lisa Brinkmann and her team. 

TED talks triumph for Clon

The theme of this TEDx event was ‘How a Small Town Can Shape The World’. Great speakers, all from Clonakilty, shared their mind-blowing ideas and their presentations will be available to everyone on YouTube soon.

Even though only 100 people were permitted to attend the event, these presentations, generated in West Cork, all ideas worth spreading, will join the global platform TED Talks by putting engaging and succinct video presentations on the internet that people can access for free. It is a brilliant achievement for Ireland and for West Cork and a reminder of the immense potential in this country of ours.

Dr J.B. Dunphy


Co Cork

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