The behemoth of Irish Water is lurching from one fiasco to another

The current controversy regarding Irish Water is completely of the Governments own making.

The behemoth of Irish Water is lurching from one fiasco to another

Their backbenchers are running scared because of it and with good reason because Big Phil has rightly landed them in it before he went off to Europe.

Even allowing for the troika requirements, there never was a need to establish the Irish Water albatross. The Troika wanted the Government to introduce a charge for water. This could have been achieved in a similar manner to the household charge which was successfully operated by Revenue.

There was no need for metering: a simple fixed charge per household would have sufficed for the troika. There was no need for management consultants, legal consultants, IT consultants. Many new schemes could have been designed by existing local authority staff.

For example when Bord Gais was given the brief to set up Irish Water we were told that it was because they had all the systems in place. Why then did the Irish taxpayer have to pay for all these consultants?

When a mains break will occur will it be Irish Water who will fix it? When a complaint is to be made to Irish Water who will deal with it? Not Irish Water.

The complaint will be logged, referred to the relevant local authority who will then report back to Irish Water, who will then give an order to the local authority to carry out the repairs. What utter inefficiency, duplication and time wasting.

The bonus scheme just aired has really put the cat among the pigeons. We now have a cosseted quango with absolutely no competition who are participants in a bonus scheme which is based upon doing work that they are already paid to do.

There are also no defined targets as to how they will achieve these bonuses. How could there be?

The Government says it can do nothing about these bonuses. What rubbish. They set it up and could have controlled the wild spending but it suited them not to. This government set up Irish Water solely as a revenue collecting unit and they should at least acknowledge that.

Joe Kennelly


Co Cork

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