Such theology has led to abuse horrors

In a letter by B Cotton (April 24), which addressed the recent article in the Irish Examiner (April 17) about ‘Catholics for Choice‘, your correspondent states that ”as a practicing Catholic... contraception is banned, because sex was made by God to bring children into the world and not for self-gratification”.

Such theology has led to abuse horrors

Such bad theology as this, is exactly to blame for the horrors that have taken place in Ireland in the last century. As part of his contribution to the book Responding to the Ryan Report, Fr Seán Fagan (who is now silenced by his own Marist Order and the Vatican), in referring to the same opinion as your correspondent, that the Catholic Church belief that “the act [intercourse] was intimately linked to original sin [is] a distortion which has blighted Catholic theology until the present day”.

In the year 2000, John Paul II ‘apologised’ for two millennia of Christian violence and persecution, for the Crusades, the Inquisition, injustice towards women, he admitted that Galileo was right, he also sought repentance for the rape and torture of orphans in Christian run institutions from Ireland to Australia.

The devastation is still evident in Ireland There is Bethany, Tuam, Bessborough and Castlepollard, the list goes on and on.

In one of his few comments on the subject of the institutionalised rape and torture of children in Christian institutions, Benedict XVI stated “it is a very severe crisis, which involves us in the need to applying to these victims, the most loving pastoral care” I am sorry, such euphemistic apologies, repentances, or bad theology is of no value to the victims. Just look what it did to them. It is justice they need, and it is justice which they have been denied – so far.

Victor Stevenson


Co Down

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