St Patrick's Day: It should become a week-long holiday each year

AS we all know, St Patrick’s Day was last week and we were all able to celebrate our Irishness once again. It’s a festival celebrated globally and we, the Irish, should be honoured to have a festival celebrated so universally.

St Patrick's Day: It should become a  week-long holiday each year

On top of that, we had Ireland celebrating their Six Nations victory and rumour has it an estimated 800 people stood outside a pub in Paris just to see Ireland succeed. It is truly remarkable what we, as a country, can achieve.

Yes, we have the constant reminder on the news of people wrecking our wee country and people who are doing what they shouldn’t be doing, and so on.

But the St Patrick’s festival allows us to embody all that is great about being Irish and gives us a platform, both nationally and internationally, to showcase our talents. St Patrick’s weekend allows us to paint the world green for a day, from the Great Wall of China to the Four Courts, and Sydney Harbour to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. On the news I saw how Catalonia, a fairly remote area, celebrated St Patrick’s Day because an emigrant had organised a rowing festival and it’s now in its sixth year.

We also saw New York with its largest parade celebrating our native holiday and patron saint.

It is pretty cool how everyone across the world stops for a day to celebrate us. Does everyone celebrate Independence Day, the American holiday? No. Does everyone celebrate the Chinese New Year? No.

We should be well and truly satisfied that our tiny country with only 4 million people has touched the lives of so many other countries, it is pretty awesome.

People were moaning on social media sites about the Proud to Be Irish Week.

Now tell me, what kind of dry and boring people moan about being proud of their native land? We should be proud of who we are and I believe that we should embrace this annual week of positivity.

Yes, we are doing things badly financially, but we should still be proud of what we have achieved in the past. Michael Collins, de Valera and Co fought for our country and we, the Irish, should uphold their memory by being proud of this little island.

As Abraham Lincoln once said: “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.”

We should all be proud of where we come from.I, for one, am certainly proud to be Irish and very proud to call this land my home.

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