US security machine runs rampant

Recent exposures of the pandemic pervasiveness of US intelligence gathering has obviously rattled its hegemony cage somewhat, scattering embarrassing effluent from the fan of factual farrago. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and their ilk have a lot to answer for, it seems.

The recent US embassy alerts and “symbolic” closures, accompanied by renewed scaremongering re imminent terrorist threats, have been creatively contrived to redress the balance.

Recalibrating the justification for gross transgressions in the zone of personal privacies, is a blatant attempt to sanitise the hyper-surveillance schema employed against a concocted backdrop of “constant” terrorist threat. Keep the masses worried, and justify a relentless “need-to-know” self-protection racket. Apparently the White House has said “the threats are real, but we cannot be more specific than that.”

That’s a handy one.

It’s amazing how so-called intelligence is honed and packaged to suit propaganda requirement. One recalls, with some disturbed discomfort, the Colin Powell intelligence-based “disclosures” relating to silos of “weapons-of-mass destruction” in Iraq. These armoury nasties were “convincingly” concealed (not!) in the Iraqi countryside, during the war-wangling prior to the corrupt invasion and ensuing chaos. Hans Blix was essentially dismissed as a dreamer of fallacies.

It would seem that US intelligence gathering and security machination operate in a protected species zone, prone to manipulative mass-media utterances of “uber-dramatic” contour — all with a dubiously camouflaged underpinning.

Given the copious covert and “not-so-covert” travesties of the US security apparatus, most of which fly fully in the face of universal human rights, one wonders where true global justice resides. It would simply appear to be a figment of our collective imagination. Guantanamo ethics prevail.

Meanwhile, the drones stay in flight, rendition remains extraordinary, while dictators and despots are strategically useful betimes.

US aggrandising is fully where it’s at — and how.

Jim Cosgrove


Co Waterford

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