Admit it, we love a bit of royalty

Matt Cooper’s article (Opinion, Jul 26) articulates the eternal ambivalence of Irish attitudes to British royalty and now the royal birth in particular.

Truth be told, Irish people are truly fascinated with British royalty and genetically attracted to it, despite age-old nationalist rhetoric.

Quite explicable since Ireland, as much as Britain, boasts a proud dynastic tradition — ie gaelic kings and high kings.

Consider Arthur Griffith’s dual monarchy proposal; the 1916 leaders’ intention to invite a German prince to head a new republic and not least de Valera’s proposal for a republic within the Commonwealth with the British king at its head.

Intriguingly, Britain has a profound anti-monarchial tradition, from Magna Carta to the execution of Charles I, to Cromwell’s republic.

Food for thought, I should think?

Michael M Galvin,


Co Cork

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