Clare Daly had a point ... up to a point

WE all know the Obamas were in Ireland. We all know what the Obamas ate.

We all know what the Obamas wore and we all know where the Obamas were. Was it too much?

In the words of TD Clare Daly, were we looking for a pat on the head because we are ‘pimps’?

Firstly, where did Clare Daly find those words and secondly (no offence Ms Daly) does she know what a pimp is?

Secondly, I both agree and disagree with her. I disagree with the way she portrayed us as lapdogs following Michelle and the kids around. Like, in fairness, did she not ever become crazily obsessed with somebody before? This was a big deal for us in Ireland, and, come on, we are not the only country obsessed with celebrity.

Take a look at our neighbours across the water, lapping up everything Kate Middleton wears.

Weirdly enough, I do agree with Clare Daly, though. As much as I love and worship the Obamas, I was slightly over the fact she ate with Bono.

For some, however, being obsessed with celebrity can be a mean of distraction. It was nice to see for two or three days something other than the sight of Michael Noonan telling us we are probably screwed; like, shut up, we don’t need more depressing news.

For other people, it’s a way to boost the economy. We all know the crazy Americans that are excited to see Henry Healy, Obama’s 8th cousin. We all know they are going to see Glendalough to do the same tour Michelle did. All that means a little more money will be spent and a tiny boost to the economy. And every cent matters.

Don’t feel too guilty lads, we really didn’t embarrass ourselves like Clare Daly said. We just showed off how nice and warm and welcoming we are.

I’m not going to lie, I was ridiculously jealous of Enda walking next to Obama. The man is a hero and seeing him with his hands in the pockets cruising next to Merkel, showed how laid-back he is.

And back to the Royals. Kate Middleton buys a dress in Topshop, she wears it the following day, 22 minutes later it’s sold out.

So I do agree the media were slobbering over Michelle Obama, but come on Ms Daly, surely when you were young you fancied Robbie Williams or someone, and slobbered over them?

Just everyone, take a small deep breath, calm down for a moment, and enjoy all these new tourists that will come to Ireland and spend their money here.

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

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