Special court should be set up to investigate Anglo

The revelations on the Anglo Irish tapes demand correct action.

We must not be bounced into setting up a tribunal of inquiry where this story can be buried for 15 to 20 years. Anglo must be investigated by a new Special High Court with sufficient investigators to quickly work through the documents. There are plenty of young hungry and unemployed professionals who would jump at this chance. This court could take over any planned criminal actions against banking executives to ensure the inquiry does not interfere with their right to a fair trial. As the only avenue of appeal would be the Supreme Court it should be possible to appoint extra (retired) judges there to deal with these in a speedy manner.

We are paying for ‘light-touch regulation’ and it is clear that these executives were able to bully the financial authorities into the guarantee by being ‘economical with the truth’. In another time and another place they would be given a fair trial and a first-class hanging. We are all victims of Anglo and it is no longer viable to wait.

Barry Keane

Fine Gael area representative

Cork City South West

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