Song contest has a ‘Euro’ vision

POOR Ryan Dolan.

He gave one of the best performances of the Eurovision, but came last. Was it Ryan’s fault, or are Europe mad at us for our money woes?

A friend tells me “it’s really great, politics really isn’t involved, that’s a stupid myth”, but I began to wonder is he tuned in to the television, or is he too die-hard Eurovision to just admit it.

Take Germany. They sent Cascada, a good-looking blonde able to do her europop/dance thing. I legit thought she would be in the top five. She was everything Eurovision. Cascada finished 21st out of 26. Ok, she finished five places ahead of us. But let’s be real, United Kingdom didn’t co-operate with the ‘vote for your neighbours’ tactic, which we need, because we are an island in Western Europe. Then again, the ‘vote for your neighbours’ tactic isn’t obeyed by everyone: Denmark swept the scoreboard; countries that usually vote for their eastern neighbours gave Denmark ‘douze points’.

So what’s wrong with Ireland and Germany? We sent good acts, with charm, charisma, energy, good looks, good songs, drums, europop, everything. I think Europe is a teeny bit hateful towards the Irish and the Germans.

Angela Merkel is threatening to kick everyone out of Europe, she imposes harsh austerity. Summed up: she’s a big bully. Ireland: we just lie down and take what we get, because, hey, maybe if we give respect, we get respect.

Countries like Greece, Cyprus, and so on, who stand up to the big bullies, get more respect. They are helping Europe become more equal. It shouldn’t be about Germany pressing others for money; it should not be about isolating people into corners, bullying them for money.

Eurovision could teach the so-called politicians how to unite everyone, to help their neighbours and make sure Europe comes out of a difficult situation stronger.

The concept of Eurovision is great. Everyone joined in the name of music and we all forget our worries for five hours on a Saturday night. For the host country, it is a great way to show off. I mean, let’s be fair, Sweden did a good job.

Ireland and Germany can look forward to more miserable results. Merkel keeps bullying every country, Ireland keeps sucking up, Greece keeps rioting, Cyprus holds their money hostage from banks.

Or, we can follow the Eurovision example: help your neighbours, join together and fight for your cause, because, as the Eurovision motto goes: ‘We are on’.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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