Bethany survivors must be remembered

In Joe Little’s RTE interview recently with Ruari Quinn and John Kelly of Irish SOCA, John Kelly confronted the minister, pointing out that he was wrong in claiming that the new €500,000 memorial for neglected and abused children represented all Irish abused children.

It does not cover the Magdalene Laundries or the Protestant minority ie Bethany Home Survivors, and the 219 unmarked children's graves in Mount Jerome. When Joe Little cross-examined the minister, Mr Quinn was forced to accept that John Kelly was right. In trying to defend the indefensible, he tried to pass it off that the department was looking into this. He has been saying this now for over two years, and previous governments for 14 years. Whatever they are looking into, they are keeping to themselves.

Let the minister do the right thing. He has shown that he can, with Irish soldiers who fought in the last war to help Europe to become free of tyranny. Why are the Bethany survivors not a priority? We appeal to the Minister that it is now time to put this matter right. No more time-wasting. Give these people justice and recognition while they are still living.

Derek Leinster

Chairperson of Bethany Survivors Group



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Saturday, July 24, 2021

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