Expenses issues affects all political parties

Yet again, the media bandwagon latch onto expense claims by Sinn Féin and completely miss the bigger picture, while the silence from other parties tells its own story.

Why didn’t this story cover the expenses of all parties and the independents as it’s not credible they have nothing to hide. Why else do they all refuse to provide receipts or explain who funds them?

The reason Sinn Féin — and let’s be honest if they do it the others do too — are able to do what they do with expenses is because there are no rules, accountability or transparency when it comes to how much our elected representatives, at all levels, pay themselves.

If the Government — the new ‘reforming’ one we voted for last year — had followed through on its promises of reforming expenses, there wouldn’t be an issue now.

Mr Howling and Mr Hayes in the Department of Reform have been wringing their hands long enough on issues like this. It’s not rocket science, it just requires some integrity and guts from them to face down their colleagues and to scrap the expenses system completely as it’s clearly not fit for purpose.

Not one single TD or Senator publishes receipts to prove the expenses they claim are genuine, and yet all, bar one, claim the absolutely maximum they are ‘entitled to claim’ and therein lies the problem: that they think they are entitled to make such claims.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf


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