Men are domestic violence victims too

I read with great interest about the many female victims of domestic abuse. (Irish Examiner, Mar 8.)

However, I believe these figures to be inflated so that these victims can account for all the State funding received by them over the years.

What about the male victims of domestic violence, of which there are also very many, but never spoken about? Male victims receive little or no funding compared to their female counterparts. Why are we still in total denial about men being victims of domestic abuse?

I will give one reason: there is little or no recognition or funding available for male victims.

For instance, there are in excess of 42 refuges in Ireland for female victims, but not one refuge or place for a male victim to go when faced with abuse.

Instead he is forced out of home by false allegations made to the authorities and then the courts issue orders that restricts access to his home and children.

This is happening every other day in the family law courts in Ireland.

The National Crime Council figures show that the amount of men/women suffering from domestic abuse is about even, but the big difference is where female victims report the abuse but male victims do not.

Society is seriously ignoring the plight of male victims.

Declan Keaveney


Co Kildare

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