Ireland a country of Catholics in name only

THE Irish mindset or mentality stands alone in its croppy-boy capabilities.

The insult to the Vatican is acknowledged yet the insult to the practising Catholics of this country has not even been identified. The fact that it is their money which funds this and all other embassies seems almost irrelevant. The possibility that there may be other locations where we could save a lot more money by closing the relevant embassy is not clarified.

As usual, without any transparency the decision to close the Holy See embassy is one almost thrown down to the people to take it or leave it. The Kenny-Gilmore administration could not care less what the people think. This government attitude can only reinforce the ever growing secularisation of our country. The fact that not one cabinet minister felt strongly enough to lodge a formal Catholic protest at this closure is some indictment of our public representatives. Sadly, no concerted effort by practising Catholic taxpayers to voice their disapproval emerged either and this fact must reinforce the belief that a vast number of Irish people are CINOS (Catholics in name only). We are indeed rapidly becoming a disposed, destitute people without a language, a history or a soul. Emmett’s epitaph is now a myth.

John Herriott

York Road

Old Dun Leary


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Saturday, October 16, 2021

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