No quick fix to solve our many ills

GIVEN the penury we must all endure as a result of corruption, bad management and hopeless governance, it is hardly a surprise that left-wing parties are garnering support from all quarters.

Many of us have moved from a state of shock and dismay to one of anger and are demanding that heads should roll.

But we can not allow that anger to blind us into making stupid decisions that could return our country to a position of pre-war isolation.

Amongst other things, we must take into account the mushrooming of diesel laundering plants and the rise in the number of paramilitary-style armed gangs that have, in recent years, become established in the Republic.

Many have moved south from Northern Ireland and have well placed friends in political circles in both jurisdictions. This is a truly dangerous development that must be stopped in its tracks, for all our sakes.

But it is the make-up of the new Government which will be of most concern. The cheap point scoring by individual members of the main opposition parties has demonstrated a deplorable lack of understanding or care for how others see us.

We know that most of our problems are homegrown, as indeed are those of Greece, but there are many factors which are outside of our control that must be handled with skill.

We are fortunate enough to have a small pool of educated and dedicated people who have the ability to see our country through this crisis — though few of these are politicians.

That expertise should be availed of by whatever Government takes office in the new year.

Unfortunately, we are still likely to have a few self-serving Independents plus a higher representation of TDs from a Sinn Féin party that has had a strong presence in areas of Northern Ireland where much of the diesel laundering and smuggling rackets were rife, yet they seemed unable or unwilling to help the police.

The temptation, strong as it may be, to vote into government parties or individuals who espouse solutions to what are highly complex problems, but who are without the basic skills to put forward viable alternatives, should be resisted.

There is no quick fix, and definitely no free lunch in today’s uncertain world. We should bear that in mind when people come looking for votes.

Niall Ginty


Dublin 5

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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