Israel gets the air-brush treatment

THE column by Steven King (March 3) was a master class in the art of airbrushing Israel’s role in the Middle East conflict. His one-eyed analysis omitted several important points.

Israel introduced terrorism into the Middle East. The 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel killed 91 people, three times as many as the largest Hamas terror attack.

Since independence, Israel’s aggression has been maintained.

Mr King’s assertion that Mahmoud al-Mabhouh deserved his fate for killing and maiming civilians could be applied equally to Israeli leaders.

His comments about Dubai not granting equal rights to all citizens, while true, are laughable in light of his staunch defence of Israel which does not recognise the right of Palestinians to exist and is removing them from their land.

Forget about Israel’s public pronouncements of a two-state solution. The evidence is in their actions. If you gave anyone the choice between non-universal suffrage Dubai-style, and ethnic cleansing Israeli-style, would they choose the latter?

Mr King decries the failure of the UN and international bodies to square up to “the likes of Mabhouh”’. In fact, the UN has published the Goldstone report on the Gaza conflict. While Hamas were implicated, the report also found that Israel used poison gas, which must be seen as a disturbing development.

Mr King delved into Mabhouh’s past How about the current foreign minister of Israel, Avigdor Lieberman? In 2002 he called for the expulsion of Palestinian Israeli citizens from Israel.

In 2003, he called for Palestinian prisoners to be shipped to the Dead Sea and drowned there and, in 2006, he called for the assassination of Arab Knesset members who met with Hamas (Source: Mirwan Bishara,, 23/02/2010). Just as Steven King sees no evil, he also hears no evil.

I agree with your columnist on one point when he asks “’is such a fuss strictly called for?” The ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians is a far more serious matter.

Mr Mabhouh, like so many Palestinians, died for refusing to accept Israel’s religious and cultural fanaticism.

Colm Gillis

Convent Avenue



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