Why vilify Ganley for demanding a more democratic Europe?

SWEET reason seems to have been set aside and given way to a policy of vilification of Libertas leader Declan Ganley by much of the media – and unfortunately by the main political parties.

Silly comments about Mr Ganley’s English accent and where he got financial support for his campaign have nothing to do with his argument against the Lisbon Treaty.

He will divulge full details of his financing when legally required to do so – and not until then.

Anything wrong with this?

He is obviously committed to having Ireland at the heart of Europe – but based on honest democratic principles. He wants the people of Europe to be consulted and not have conditions which are not in our best interests forced down our throats. Anything wrong with this? Ironically, Sinn Féin, whose social philosophy would be diametrically opposed to Libertas, are behind Ganley on that issue.

The tactic of labelling him as anti-European says a lot about the debating integrity of many politicians and media commentators: “Do the vilification first and the damage will be done before the truth eventually comes out.”

We have seen these tactics employed effectively by MI5 in Northern Ireland. European Affairs Minister Dick Roche – not for the first time – is surely jumping the gun by assuring the German Council on Foreign Affairs that Ireland will pass the Lisbon Treaty second time of asking.

The country has already decided against Lisbon – despite the massive propaganda of politicians, TV and much of the print media. Why is this not enough?

But if we are to have a second referendum foisted on us now with the purpose of giving the politicians the answer they want, at least let us have an open debate based on truth and the democratic issues involved, and not on the demonisation of any personality.

Brendan Coffey

Abbey Court


Co Dublin

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