Economic treachery

NOT content with the crime of treachery (allowing the economy to inflate out of control despite the warnings), Fianna Fáil now plans on stealing some of my salary, without my permission, so that it can bail out its banker and builder friends.

I did not create this mess. The dogs on the street could see it coming but all Fianna Fáil could do was to tell us not to talk down the economy.

The politicians and bankers who have ruined my country are traitors and now they are thieves.

The tax revenue shortfall this month compared with last January is about €900m — approximately the cost of the M3. So, all the public service is to be taxed/levied so that Fianna Fáil can continue to build Noel Dempsey’s vanity project for the people of Meath and destroy a wonderful tourism asset. The only monument of the Celtic Tiger will be the M3 white elephant.

I am sick of being told everything is on the table but bankers and developers walk free, and what about the national development plan?

The projected cost of the next plan is €186bn — 1% of this would cover the €2bn and 8% would cover the €15bn needed.

Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin

58 Laurence Ave


Co Kildare

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