Media bias against Palin is beyond parody

IN his letter (September 23), James McGrath got it absolutely spot-on: the bigoted and biased treatment meted out to Sarah Palin by the Democratic Party and their illiberal media acolytes is beyond parody.

It’s a barely concealed fact that beneath the veneer of objectivity a large percentage of the media are comprised of people who really haven’t developed intellectually beyond adolescence and still clutch pathetically to a discredited liberal/feminist dogma well past its sell-by date.

Just like in Carol Coleman’s interview with George Bush, Charles Gibson’s with Sarah Palin was a classic case of journalistic bombast/arrogance which told us more about a boorish journalist than anything else. In fact, Sarah Palin’s calm and dignified demeanour merely magnified her interrogator’s prejudice.

Journalists are perfectly entitled to their own prejudices and political preferences, but when they step up to the plate in their professional capacity, they should realise they are not in the celebrity/ego enhancement side of the business, still less advocates for one side of a debate.

Eric Conway

Balreask Village


Co Meath

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