Don’t blame immigrant workers

I’M outraged at the all too frequent suggestions that immigrants are taking our jobs (cheaper labour, of course) and leaving nothing for the Irish.

I work as an assistant director of nursing in a care facility for the elderly in south Dublin.

Yes, approximately 80% of our staff are so-called foreign nationals. No, they do not receive less pay than the Irish contingent — all are paid according to their qualifications and experience

In a five-month period I have seen two Irish applicants, while we receive applications at the rate of one to two a week from the other nationalities.

These people — often quite young, say, early 20s — endure long periods of separation from their families and instead of bemoaning their situation or work difficulties, they get on with the job with a good heart and willing hands.

Where are the Irish workers? We would willingly take them on, as would many of the other healthcare institutions I have worked in if they applied and had the appropriate experience.

Both of my sons (Irish) walked into every job they applied for almost as soon as the interviews were over.

I don’t know what the the answer is, but I do know it’s not cheap immigrant labour or lack of job opportunities for our own people.

Florence Horsman Hogan

10 Seaview Wood


Co Dublin

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

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