Don’t vote for a superstate that holds its citizens in contempt

THE media recently reported on secret plans to develop EU embassies as part of the European External Action Service which will be instituted by the Lisbon Treaty.

Documents circulating in Brussels indicate that more than 160 EU offices around the world will be transformed into embassies.

Why the secrecy? Because EU officials fear political fallout from plans to implement the provisions in the Lisbon Treaty before it has even been ratified.

Last Friday week we witnessed a small slip-up by the Germanforeign minister when he publicly called for a European army. And meanwhile the wholesale deceit being wrought by our own Government and its allies continues unabated.

We are expected to believe the Lisbon Treaty is merely about minor procedural adjustments to make the EU “more efficient”.

This is an outright lie which must be resisted by all democratically-minded citizens. The Lisbon Treaty creates a constitutionally new EU with a full legislative, executive and judicial arm.

It will have its own president, citizens and citizenship, its own human and civil rights code (as set out in the charter of fundamental rights), its own currency (already in place) and economic policy, its own international treaty-making powers, foreign policy, foreign minister, diplomatic corps, UN representation, crime and justice code and public prosecutor.

It already possesses its own particular state symbols such as a flag, anthem and annual holiday, Europe Day (just as the federal USA has Independence Day).

Interpol, its police force, will become a full EU agency in 2010. And all this by stealth, all this without the permission of the citizens upon whom this centralised, undemocratic system of government is being imposed.

A self-perpetuating system of power for a power-crazed political elite who hold ordinary people in utter contempt. Their scorn for the people they are attempting to impose their will upon was demonstrated graphically when they bulldozed over the wishes of Dutch and French voters.

“The citizens are wrong,” they effectively declared. So they passed the same constitutional treaty — now renamed Lisbon but with identical state-making provisions — through the parliaments of Holland and France on its second outing.

Naturally, this nicely resolved the little side issue of the democratically-expressed opposition of the citizens of those countries.

Something similar happened here in Ireland with the Nice Treaty. And now we are going to be subjected to four weeks of relentless propaganda from our Government, together with their political allies, who all have indissoluble ties to the EU project and hence are effectively forced to campaign for it, despite their private misgivings.

Please don’t listen to them. There are plenty of independent sources of information on the web. The Lisbon Treaty is not about tinkering with non-essentials. It’s about a political and constitutional revolution, a restructuring of the whole EU, which will massively centralise power in the hands of an unelected and unaccountable elite.

The diplomatic immunity conferred on EU personnel goes way beyond the norm and insulates them from the kind of scrutiny normal in a democracy. It has already led to enormous top-level corruption.

Let’s make one last stand for freedom and democracy and consign the Lisbon Treaty to the garbage can of history where it belongs.

Michael O’Driscoll

154 Blackrock Road



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