Honest immigrants have nothing to fear from judge’s courageous remarks

JUDGE James O’Connor was reported recently to have ordered a man to leave the country within 48 hours or serve seven months in jail for receiving stolen property.

The judge was reported to have said he could no longer tolerate a situation whereby foreign nationals entered the country and within a few days were involved in crime. His comments were criticised as inflammatory by the director of Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, Siobhán O’Donoghue.

I would like to congratulate the judge for his courage in speaking out on this matter and I am sure he would be supported by the vast majority of honest immigrant workers who, day in and day out, are having to suffer because of the dishonest criminal element in their midst.

We have far too many of our own criminals to cater for and it is high time we got away from the political correctness of burying our heads in the sand rather than offend so many of these sacred cows in our society. I hope the judge’s courage has helped people to understand the real issue.

Tony Fagan

94 Bellefield Road


Co Wexford

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