Let’s forget Bertie’s payments and concentrate on the real problems

THE Taoiseach has answered all questions asked and held his hands up.

Obviously, Enda Kenny, Pat Rabbitte, Joe Higgins and Trevor Sargent will cling to the high moral ground for as long as there’s the possibility of a mudslide, but the fact is that whatever sticks to Bertie Ahern and Fianna Fáil will be thrown not by them but by the voters at the next election.

All the opposition members’ posturing is a waste of time and they should get back to the real issues.

Mary Harney should be pressed relentlessly on the state of the healthcare system.

Michael McDowell should be excoriated for his Garda reserve smokescreen and bullied into making some real headway in the fight against crime.

Noel Dempsey should be mocked for the recent green paper on energy. After all, a green paper is nothing more then an outline of the possibilities without any commitment to action.

If the media could filter out the gossip culture we are breathing into Irish politics and focus a little more on real issues affecting their readers, viewers and listeners, we might have a fighting chance of progress on everything from healthcare to education to transport.

Brian Strahan

61 Ravenswell

Palmer Road


Co Dublin

THE hounding of Bertie Ahern brings to mind one of Oscar Wilde’s sayings: “Long ago men had the rack — now they have the press”.

MJ Healy



Co Cork

FIANNA Fáil needs to reshuffle itself.

Bertie Ahern has lost credibility as a leader and would do his colleagues a favour if he stepped down.

I still think FF will be in power after the election, but who should take over the mantle of Taoiseach? Any takers, Mr Cowen?

Eamon Sinnott

3 Marian Place


Co Clare

IS it not deeply shameful that after 84 years of independence, our so-called political elite are still bickering over the simple task of making arrangements for accountability in the people’s parliament?

Anthony Sheridan

1 Carraig Eoin


Co Cork

LISTENING to political commentators analysing ‘Bertie-speak’ reminds me of the Peter Sellers film, Being There, where the actor plays Chance the gardener whose simple, TV-informed utterances are mistaken for profundity.

It won an Oscar.

Keith Nolan


Co Leitrim

ACID test: which Opposition member, in office, would ride in a Mondeo instead of a Merc?

PJ McElhone

Castle Ave

Dublin 3

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