PODCAST: Small Business Show (17-23/04/14)

This week’s Small Business Show looks at developments for rural communities and whether consumers can work with more austerity budgets and still be expected to spend in order to buoy the economy.

PODCAST: Small Business Show (17-23/04/14)

Kemp Technology in Limerick talk about hiring more staff and explain how they have grown by 425% in the past three years. Kehlan talks with Management Works the programme looking to boost SME owner’s knowledge of management and finance in their business.

Plus Yurij Boykov, a Ukrainian ex-patriot, explains how small businesses were at the heart of the need for change in his crisis hit homeland of the Ukraine.

Part 1: Kehlan Kirwan along with Olwen Dawe from Irish Business Intelligence and Avine McNally from the Small Firms Association discuss this week’s news for SMEs. Headlines this week include:

- Developing Rural Communities

- Employers now finding it hard to retain staff against competitors

- Bankruptcy expected to far outstretch Insolvency

- Another austerity budget to come, ease up or keeping going?

Part 2: Kemp Technology recently announced that they will be hiring 50 new jobs in their Limerick offices. With a growth rate 425% in the past three years Marguerite O’Grady talks to Kehlan about how that growth has come about and why they are continually on the search for top graduates.

Part 3: In part three of this weeks show Kehlan talks with Lorcan O’hObain about the Management Works programme for SMEs. ManagementWorks is a training network designed to help firms to improve their business performance by providing a range of subsidised, tailored programmes which are supported by professional business mentors. The purpose is to assist firms to grow in terms of their sales, output and employment.

Part 4: Kehlan is joined Yurij Boykov, a Ukrainian ex-patriot, living and working in New York City. Yurij talks about how the crisis in the Ukraine is affecting small business in the country and why SMEs in the Ukraine can be the force for positive change within the country.

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