Condemnation after IRA graffiti is sprayed on Orange Hall in Co Armagh

Condemnation after IRA graffiti is sprayed on Orange Hall in Co Armagh

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Police are investigating after pro-IRA graffiti was daubed on an Orange Hall in Co Armagh.

Local representatives have condemned the attack on the hall at Crosskeys Road in Keady.

A PSNI spokesperson said the incident occurred at some time between 10pm on Monday and Tuesday morning.

The spokesperson added that the incident was being treated as a sectarian hate crime.

SDLP MLA Justin McNulty said it was a disgraceful attack.

He added: “Given the nature of the graffiti it is clear that this was an attack on the people who use this hall and there is no support for it within this community, nor is there any place for it within our society.

“Everyone must have the right to celebrate their culture and traditions in peace without having to worry about incidents like this.

“People in this community want to live alongside one another in a spirit of peace and friendship and incidents like this only serve to upset people and achieve nothing.

“Sectarianism is a blight on our society and we all have a responsibility to call it out and stamp it out so we don’t see attacks like this happening in this day and age.”

Ulster Unionist councillor Sam Nicholson said the attack on the hall was disgusting.

He said: “Our local community feels violated by this incident and people in the area are shocked and saddened that there are those who would seek to inflict misery and heartache upon our lodge and our band.

“We simply want to be respected and be able to celebrate our Orange culture but clearly our very existence is too much for some who are so insecure in their own culture and identity that they feel the need to attack the symbols of others.”

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