200 international student doctors on waiting list for jobs

200 international student doctors on waiting list for jobs

Isadora Lamego has been offered an intern doctor post in Cork.

One of at least 200 international medical students on a waiting list for a vital part of their training has been offered an intern doctor post in Cork.

Isadora Lamego, who has an undergraduate degree in public health from the University of California, Berkeley, studied for four years with the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and wants to be a rural GP in the west of Ireland.

Studying and working in Beaumont Hospital during the pandemic, she found out recently that despite her high results she is number 93 on the waiting list for interns.

But shortly after describing in the Irish Examiner what it is like to be on the waiting list, she found out she has a post now.

"Today I was offered an intern doctor post in Cork and Clonmel," tweeted Dr Lamego. "Words cannot describe my happiness.

"Without the #KeepOurDoctors campaign, amazing TDs, fellow medical students and doctors, fantastic reporters, and everyone who pitched in to help, this wouldn’t have happened."

But she added: "At the same time, I want to recognize the privilege of being offered a spot.

'Jobless colleagues'

"I have so many amazing colleagues who will be jobless this year due to @HSELive hiring policies, and it seems so unfair that my joy should be at their expense."

Limited access to internships has been an issue for some time, according to the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO), but last year when the pandemic crisis hit, the number of places was suddenly increased by 300.

But while 992 interns took up a place last year, this year the quota stops at 854, according to the HSE.

IMO senior industrial relations officer Paul Maier said international students pay fees of up to €50,000 annually for the academic part of the course.

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