Mother in 'disbelief' after receiving hate mail targeting her children 

The letter accused her of "smoking and drinking and having no brains" and her children as a "burden".
Mother in 'disbelief' after receiving hate mail targeting her children 
Samantha Kenny has reported the incident to the gardaí who say they working to trace the sender. File picture. 

A mother of four has been left in a state of disbelief after she received anonymous hate mail targeting her children, two of whom have autism.

Samantha Kenny, from Athy in Kildare, received the letter, in which the sender calls her a monster for her decision to have another child after two were previously diagnosed with autism.

I was in disbelief. When I read it, my stomach just dropped. 

"I have spent the last seven years doing absolutely nothing but petitioning for the acceptance of people with disabilities,” said Samantha.

Samantha has four children, aged between 16 and five.

Two of her sons have autism and her youngest has a rare genetic syndrome. 

She believes the letter was sent to her after she publicly campaigned for guidelines on returning to school to include consideration for children with autism and their families. 

The letter did not include a name or a return address and, in a separate envelope, it included a prayer card.

“My children are absolutely loved and accepted. 

"We had another child after finding out that our two sons were autistic, not because we wanted to ‘burden the state,’ but because our children are so amazing, why not bring another into the household."

The hate-filled letter reads: “So, you expect the state to pay for your stupidity, I can't believe you had another kid after having two with autism, you must have been smoking and drinking and have no brains. Now you have a child that is in pain and suffering.” 

Samantha has since reported the incident to the gardaí and says they are working to trace the sender.

“To receive something that's so hate-filled is disgusting. They completely dehumanise my children to just being a burden. 

"How dare this person write that letter. My children are happy, loved, and accepted. They are full of joy, and they bring so much joy to everybody in their life.” 

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