Cabinet yet to sign off on schools reopening package, €200m assigned for training schemes

Cabinet yet to sign off on schools reopening package, €200m assigned for training schemes

People expecting to see the details of a financial package to help schools reopen will be disappointed with the details of the July Stimulus package. 

A separate financial package to cover reopening costs — such as funding for extra hygiene measures and substitution cover for teachers — is expected to be announced early next week.  

It is understood that this funding must first be signed off by the Cabinet, while capital investments such as ongoing and new refurbishments in the education sector were included in the July Stimulus package. 

Today, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said the Government is determined to open schools as "comprehensively" as possible. 

To help with reskilling and retraining, and to create additional opportunities for young people, the Government has pledged to provide 35,000 extra places in further and higher education. 

The Government has also pledged €200m investment in training, skills development, work placement schemes as well as further supports for apprenticeships. 

Mr Martin is due to meet with Norma Foley, the Minister for Education, at the Department of Education tomorrow. 

A detailed plan on reopening primary and secondary schools is due to be published by next Friday. 

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