Hosepipe ban being considered as warm weather continues

Met Éireann has said that Sunday will see temperatures range between 22 and 26 degrees.
Hosepipe ban being considered as warm weather continues

A hosepipe ban's among the measures being considered by Irish Water in an effort to conserve water during the good weather.

The weather has been warm and dry for the past few days and that is set to continue for the rest of the Bank Holiday.

Met Éireann forecaster Liz Gavin has said there will only be a little rain over the next week.

“Generally, across the bulk of the country you’re looking at anywhere between 3mm and 6mm [of rain], maybe 6mm to 12mm in parts of the north-west and maybe some eastern spots," she said.

“Over a week that’s not quite a lot at all. There will be a little bit of rain but maybe not quite as much as the farming community would like.”

Met Éireann has said that Sunday will see temperatures range between 22 and 26 degrees.

They said that Bank Holiday Monday will be “dry, very warm and mostly sunny”.

Temperatures are expected to be around 22 to 27 degrees with it being "warmest in the midlands and west.”

Tuesday is set to follow suit with highest temperatures hitting 20 to 25 degrees.

Met Éireann said: “The best of the sunshine will be in Leinster and Munster.

“Connacht and Ulster will become cloudier as outbreaks of rain develop in the northwest during the afternoon.

“This rain will gradually move south-eastwards through the evening and early night.”

Earlier this month, Irish Water appealed for people to conserve water where they can.

“With people adhering to government advice and staying at home since mid-March in response to the Covid-19 crisis, we can confirm that there has been a significant increase in household water usage,” the utility revealed.

“New domestic metering data has revealed that households are using an additional 24 litres of water per person per day, a 20% increase from February.”

Irish Water said in a statement: “As water treatment plants are already working to their maximum capacity, we are appealing to the public to prioritise handwashing over powerwashing and conserve water now where they can, so that together we can meet the increased demands on our network when restrictions are relaxed for businesses.”

The Department of Agriculture has also announced that there is a red forest fire warning in place until midday tomorrow.

They said: “Arising from current weather patterns, an extreme forest fire risk is deemed to exist in all areas where hazardous fuels such as dead grasses, heather and gorse exist.”

The Department has reminded members of the public intending to visit forests or other recreational sites that they should stay within 5km of their homes, in line with Covid-19 restrictions.

They added: “Do not light fires in and around forests or open land.

“The use of Barbeques, campfires and other open ignition sources should be avoided in or near forests and may be controlled by bye-laws in some areas.”

Meanwhile, a water safety warning has been issued after two girls were rescued after

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