Furious budget row between Moran and Donohoe over carbon tax

A furious budget row broke out between OPW Minister Kevin 'Boxer' Moran and Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe over carbon tax.

Furious budget row between Moran and Donohoe over carbon tax

Around 56,000 more people will receive medical cards as part of tomorrow's Budget.

The Government will pump €30m into giving those over 70 who are currently just above the current limit a medical card as part of Budget 2020.

The extension of medical cards has been one of the key demands of the Independent Alliance in budget negotiations with Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe.

Meanwhile, a furious budget row broke out between OPW Minister Kevin 'Boxer' Moran and Mr Donohoe over

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It is understood Mr Donohoe was forced to apologise to the Independent Alliance minister after clashing during discussions on Sunday night over carbon taxes and measures to support people make the transition to more environmentally friendly options.

"We had very heavy discussions. I'm happy to say that the minister will address some of my concerns in the Budget," Mr Moran said.

Mr Moran has been fighting for a ringfenced fund to support those making the transition away from fossil fuels especially in rural areas.

Separately it is expected that the Independent Alliance will see a key demand to increase medical card thresholds implemented tomorrow.

Independent Alliance TD Finian McGrath said: "We are aware that there are thousands of people who are just outside that limit, and they miss out on the eligibility aspect to the medical card and we're basically we're trying to push for them.

"Most backbenches would have had them in their clinics, and we want to send out a strong message that we're supporting them, you can take it to be thousands of people affected," said the Disabilities Minister.

Mr Moran said this budget would not reflect other pre-election budgets where he said past Governments "tried to buy votes".

He said there would be "no chocolates" in Budget 2020 but "some smarties" adding: "There's not one for everyone in the audience, but we will try and help the most vulnerable in our society."

Among the things that the Independent Alliance has called for are:

  • the retention of the Christmas bonus
  • more home care hours as well as extra respite and day services
  • an increase in the thresholds for inheritance tax
  • more regional and balanced development, including looking at moving some public and civil servants to offices outside of Dublin.

Transport Minister Shane Ross said the Independent Alliance has also asked for changes to the betting tax to help small bookmakers but he denied that the group had made a mistake in demanding the levy as part of last year's budget.

"Last year we achieved a great deal and not least of which was to put a tax on bookmakers. That has worked very, very well, in terms of revenue, but it has also presented real difficulties for independent small bookmakers.

"We've asked the minister to look again at the position of the small bookmakers and the employees and then the number of jobs that might be affected to maybe introduce a different level [of tax] for them," Mr Ross said.

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