Jury sees video taped admission in axe trial

A jury at a three-day murder trial of a Cork man accused of murder, today saw the accused's video taped admission to the hacking to death of the victim with an axe.

A jury at a three-day murder trial of a Cork man accused of murder, today saw the accused's video taped admission to the hacking to death of the victim with an axe.

Mr Mark Allingham, (aged 23) of Fr Murphy Place, Midleton, Co Cork admitted to gardaí during a videotaped interview on October 21, 2002 to killing Mr Gerard Hackett, (aged 49) with an axe seven times in the head at a derelict house known as The Rock, Towns Park, Midleton, Co. Cork.

The accused man has pleaded not guilty to the killing of Mr Hackett of the Cork Simon Community and Reen Downey Place also in Cork City.

A jury today saw Mr Allingham tell Detective Sgt. Brian Goulding during an interview recorded at 8.54am on Sunday October 21, 2002, that he killed Mr Hackett on Friday 18 October between 4pm and 5pm.

When asked did Mr Allingham make any phone call on Sunday October 21, he replied he rang 999 from St Mary's Road in Midleton and told the gardaí that there was a dead body in a derelict house.

"I rang 999 and asked for Midleton garda station," Mr Allingham said.

Detective Sgt. Goulding then asked how he knew there was a dead body in The Rock, Towns Park, Midleton.

The jury in the three day murder trial today then saw Mr Allingham - on screen - say he knew Mr Hackett was there "because I killed him".

"How did you kill him," Detective Sgt. Goulding then asked, to which Mr Allingham said "with an axe" in the "head and in the legs".

The jury today then heard Mr Allingham say: "He was trying to have sex with me and I snapped,"

Today the jury of nine men and three women heard Detective Sgt. Goulding ask Mr Allingham - on screen - how many times he hit Mr Hackett, he said he hit him "well over ten times."

Then when the detective asked Mr Allingham was the victim dead when he was leaving The Rock, he allegedly said "he was dead alright".

During the course of this interview on 21 October at Midleton Garda station, the jury heard that Mr Allingham met up with Mr Hackett in Cork City on Friday 18 October.

The jury heard today that the pair then went drinking and then took the 1.30pm bus to Midleton.

After reaching Midleton, the jury heard Mr Allingham say, in the third day of the murder trial, that the pair went to The Rock, a 1950's derelict house on the outskirts of the town.

It was revealed to the jury the accused knew Mr Hackett for over a year and a half and they used to meet up four to five times a week to go drinking.

Today Mr Allingham, during his recorded interview with gardaí on October 21, 2002, said he is bisexual and that he believed Mr Hackett was a homosexual.

After they reached The Rock, Mr Allingham said: "I was standing and Gerard Hackett was sitting on a rock", in the basement of the abandoned house.

"After a while he stood up and started kissing me."

"When I realised that he wanted to have sex, I pulled out an axe and started belting him about the head."

When Detective Sgt. Goulding then asked did Gerard Hackett say anything, Mr Allingham said "he didn't get a chance to, he was going down".

Then Detective Sgt. Goulding asked Mr Allingham why he couldn't have just left Mr Hackett at The Rock and not have attacked him.

The jury heard Mr Allingham - in the taped interview from October 2002 - say he attacked him because "I was abused before sexually and it all came back into my head".

The trial continues before Mr Justice Diarmuid O'Donovan tomorrow.

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