Left at the Golden Gate Bridge and straight on to Cork

If you’re going to San Francisco... you’ll still be able to get back Leeside, like.

Left at the Golden Gate Bridge and straight on to Cork

The City by the Bay has paid tribute to its allies around the world by unveiling a directional sign that points the way to its 19 sister cities — including Cork.

Cork’s relationship with San Francisco goes back to May 1984, and since then delegations have travelled back and forth between the two cities, fostering business links along the way.

Then-mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee, came to Cork last September, just months before his sudden passing in December, while former lord mayor of Cork, Tony Fitzgerald, led a delegation to the Bay Area in April.

The sign was erected this week in Hallidie Plaza, just off the city’s busy Market Street and near the turntable for San Francisco’s iconic Powell-Mason Cable Car.

It was unveiled by current mayor Mark Farrell, who said it aims to foster relationships with San Francisco’s international partners at a time when the US is isolating itself from the world.

“Especially in this era today with our federal government, where we are building walls, we are tearing down relationships, we are literally creating tariffs,” Mr Farrell said.

“Here in the city of San Francisco, we are leading the way in a different manner. And we are leading the way building bridges between our different countries and cities throughout the world.”

San Francisco’s other sister cities are Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire; Amman, Jordan; Assisi, Italy; Bangalore, India; Barcelona, Spain; Haifa, Israel; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Kiel, Germany; Krakow, Poland; Manila, Philippines; Osaka, Japan; Paris, France; Seoul, Korea; Shanghai, China; Sydney, Australia; Taipei, Taiwan; Thessaloniki, Greece; and Zurich, Switzerland.

And for Corkonians feeling homesick as they read this by the Golden Gate Bridge, fear not — the sign says you’re only 5,083 miles from home.

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