Trucker took pictures while driving past crash

The driver of an articulated truck used both hands to take photographs of a serious traffic accident as he drove past it and yesterday he was convicted of careless driving.

Trucker took pictures while driving past crash

Inspector Adrian Gamble said the lorry driver was rubbernecking while driving past the scene of a serious injury and taking pictures.

Garda Karl McCarthy was one of the officers dealing with the serious road traffic crash at the South Ring Road when he saw the lorry driver, Vlad Moigradean of Aherlow Heights, Tipperary town, driving past.

Garda Karl McCarthy stopped the lorry and spoke to the driver. The guard also examined the driver’s phone and saw that it contained photographs of the accident scene with which Garda McCarthy had been dealing at the time.

Judge Olann Kelleher wondered if the driver realised how serious the offence was. Michael Quinlan, defence solicitor, said the accused man, who had no previous convictions, now realised the seriousness of it.

Judge Kelleher said he could disqualify the driver but would not do so because it was his livelihood. The judge imposed a €600 fine.

Inspector Adrian Gamble said the offence would carry five penalty points.

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