Kerry going for gold as fans warm to Paul Galvin jersey

The purists might be a bit off colour, but the new away Kerry jersey — which took supporters by surprise last weekend — looks set to create a literal pot of gold for the team.

Kerry going for gold as fans warm to Paul Galvin jersey

The “Back to Gold” top is “flying off the shelf” in the official Kerry GAA store in Killarney, which netted the Kerry GAA €75,000 last year.

Designed by Paul Galvin, the jersey was unveiled at the Allianz National Football League game against Mayo — to mixed reaction.

“A lot of people have been ringing in since Monday morning and some were confused thinking it was replacing the green and gold,” Radio Kerry presenter Jerry O’Sullivan said. “The reaction has been 70:30 in favour.”

However, after the initial cool reaction, fans have been warming to the look, according to Niall “Botty” O’Callaghan, manager of the Kerry GAA store in Killarney.

The gold jersey follows the Galvin-designed retro jersey based on the great 80s team launched last October which has proved to be the biggest selling Kerry jersey in years, Mr O’Callaghan said.

“In over 100 years, Paul Galvin is the first player ever to design a jersey both home and away jerseys,” said Mr O’Callaghan.

Answering criticism about the colour on local radio, he said: “People needed to see the gold jersey in the flesh. When they did it was a different ball game — it was heavily embossed at the back and Paul Galvin had brought a lot of imagination and detail into it.”

Paul Galvin

Paul Galvin

He also batted away criticism of the numbers on the jersey being unclear.

“People were always saying they found it hard to read the numbers. They are quite clear in the new jersey and if they can’t see them they need my glasses.

“There’s no money in this for Paul,” he added, saying the money was going back into Kerry football.

He also revealed the shop had a turnover of €300,000 last year and made a profit of €75,000 — all of which was going to facilities for the various Kerry teams.

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