Father's Day stats: Just how many dads are there in Ireland?

Former president of the United States, Richard Nixon, ensured Father’s Day carried the weight of law.

Father's Day stats: Just how many dads are there in Ireland?

“To have a father — to be a father — is to come very near the heart of life itself,” Nixon proclaimed on May 1, 1972.

With Father’s Day tomorrow, the CSO took the time to see just how many dads there are here — 673,609 according to Census 2016 — leaving the statisticians to wonder just how many will get socks this weekend.

As of that census, 568,317 (84%) fathers were married, and 75,587 (11%) were cohabiting. There were 29,705 (4.4%) one-parent fathers.

The number of cohabiting couples with children increased by 25.4% since Census 2011. There were 25,637 (4%) more fathers than in 2011 and 674 (2.3%) additional one-parent fathers.

The total number of children in families increased to 1,682,601 in 2016, with children of married couples increasing by 18,846, to 1,188,160. The number of children of cohabiting couples rose to 138,238, and the number of children of one-parent fathers increased by 75 (0.2%), to 43,962.

More men are staying at home to look after the family — over the past five years, the number of such men increased by 15%.

However, at 20,747, men only represent 6.8% of all homemakers.

The CSO has gone one step further, suggesting how fathers can be spoiled tomorrow.

It helpfully points out that tools and equipment for the home and garden are now cheaper — prices have dropped 3.7% since last year.

Eating out in restaurants is 1.8% dearer, but you can also celebrate Father’s Day at home, as a pizza costs 11.1% less than last year and a bottle of wine from the off-licence is 5.2% less expensive, says the CSO. There was no mention of just how dear those socks might be.

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