Phil Hogan: I’m very proud of Irish Water achievements

Former minister Phil Hogan has refused to apologise for his criticism of Irish Water opponents and has said he is very proud of what the utility has achieved.

Phil Hogan: I’m very proud of Irish Water achievements

The EU agriculture commissioner said he expects Taoiseach Enda Kenny to step down very soon despite criticising his opponents for failing to recognise his “statesman” status.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio’s This Week programme weeks after the Dáil deal on Irish Water Mr Hogan defended the record of the utility which was set up while he was environment minister.

When the company’s role in addressing poor water conditions in Co Roscommon, concerns that visitors to the web summit would be unable to take a shower, and claims that Intel would not expand its base here due to water quality were taken into account, he said he was “very proud of what Irish Water has achieved”.

The interview came days after Mr Kenny told reporters in the Hague in the Netherlands he will make his departure intentions very clear once he is happy with the Brexit negotiations parameters.

Mr Hogan also said he expects the Taoiseach to leave very soon.

He declined to confirm who he wants to replace Mr Kenny as “I didn’t see all the runners yet”, but said the Taoiseach will be remembered as someone who was a strong statesman for Ireland.

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