‘Shagadelic’ salsa sees Des Cahill saved on Dancing with the Stars

Like the best thrillers, movie night on Dancing with the Stars saw a final twist that no one saw coming as the final credits rolled for model Thalia Heffernan.

‘Shagadelic’ salsa sees Des Cahill saved on Dancing with the Stars

The youngest of the celebrities in the show was voted off last night, despite scoring a respectable 20 points from the judges that placed her fifth in their pecking order.

The result was met with shock on social media, with armchair pundits certain that the axe would fall on either former Operation Transformation panelist Dr Eva Orsmond or RTÉ reporter Teresa Mannion, both of whom scored just 12 points a piece.

Dr Eva’s ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ routine as Mary Poppins did not go down in the most delightful way with the judges.

“I felt it needed more energy than that,” judge Loraine Barry said, adding that the performance needed ‘a bagful of sugar’.

“It’s got to have a bit more razz and jazz about it”.

And Teresa must have feared that it would be quitting time at the office for her, as her quickstep to Dolly Parton’s “Nine to Five” was panned.

“Teresa gets out there and performs,” Julian Benson said.

“Ok, it was a bit Dolly Parton here and there, a bit Dolly Daydream in other places, but her heart is there. She’s progressing, she’s on a journey.”

Brian Redmond warned that the judges are only going to get tougher as the competition progresses.

“She has to accept that as the competition goes on obviously the overall standard is going up as we’re going to lose people,” he said.

Boyband member Dayl Cronin cut loose to Footlose and scored a table-topping 27 with his upbeat jive, actress Aoibhin Garrihy fell one point short with a rhumba to ‘Falling Slowly’, and Love/Hate’s Denise McCormack wowed with another rhumba inspired by The Hobbit.

Des Bishop impressed as James Bond but it was his namesake and fellow spy for the night who grabbed all the social media attention.

Dressed as Austin Powers, veteran sports broadcaster Des Cahill ran the risk of being more ‘tragic relic’ than shagadelic, but his game attempt at a risque salsa was the online hit of the night and saw him just about avoid the lowest score.

“What Des just did there is illegal in 267 countries,” singer Niall Breslin tweeted of one of Mr Cahill’s more racy moves.

But the final verdict on Heffernan’s Minion dance to Pharrell William’s ‘Happy’ left many viewers anything but as she was the latest to be eliminated from the show.

Thalia herself was gracious in defeat. “It’s been the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my life, so I’m just so happy to have been a part of it to be honest,” she said.

Her dance partner Curtis Pritchard was full of praise for the eliminated dancer.

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