Love on the high seas as matchmaker recreates the love boat

Ireland’s last matchmaker, Willie Daly, is taking his unique talents to the high seas next week as he attempts to bring love to those taking a lavish Caribbean Cruise.

Love on the high seas as matchmaker recreates the love boat

According to the Lisdoonvarna matchmaker, there has been a massive surge in American women looking to be matched with Irish men over the past year.

Mr Daly, who has never attempted matchmaking outside of Lisdoonvarna, says the closest he has previously come to a cruise ship is the ferry from Doolin to the Aran Islands.

He will host daily matchmaking sessions on the ship itself as it sails from Miami to Mexico before island hopping around the Caribbean.

During these sessions, he will attempt to find matches on the ship, but he will also have his famous book-of-love with him should any of the participants fancy finding an Irish lover.

“I’ve found over the past year or so, and particularly last September in Lisdoonvarna, that a lot of Americans have become interested in traditional matchmaking. It’s mainly American women who are looking for Irish men but not always,” he pointed out.

“Maybe it’s the fact that we are an island people and they [American women] don’t see us as being over ambitious or over smart. What they want is a nice, decent person.

“These are sometimes very beautiful women and their criteria is that the man is Irish. They don’t have to look like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio, you could almost look like Danny DeVito and be a success.”

According to Mr Daly, increased political uncertainty in the world has contributed to a massive increase in American women using his service to find Irish men.

“As a nation, we are very lucky that there is huge interest in us, and this interest is only going to grow hugely as a result of all the uncertainty that exists in a lot of the world.

“People are starting to see Ireland as a safe place,” he said.

“This cruise will have a bit of matchmaking between the people in the boat as well as matching them to people from Ireland.

“A lot of single men and women would attend cruises like this — maybe people who are a bit lonely, are getting older and are looking for someone.

“I’ve never been on a cruise before. I’ve hardly ever been on a boat before except for going in and out to the Aran Islands with the lads on the ferry.”

Mr Daly has been invited by Irish American promoter, Andy Cooney, to take part in the Irish Star Cruises of the Caribbean.

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