Pat Kenny says Charles Haughey was scariest politician to interview

Charles Haughey was the “scariest” politician Pat Kenny has ever interviewed —even more so than Margaret Thatcher.
Pat Kenny says Charles Haughey was scariest politician to interview

“The scariest was always Charlie Haughey because the first thing he would instruct either PJ [Mara] to say, or he might even say it himself: ‘I want none of that arms trial shite.’ Quote unquote,” said Kenny.

“He had a way of looking at you. It was like a heavyweight boxer in the ring, you know, it could be Conor McGregor, although I know he’s not a heavyweight, but looking at his opponent and giving him the bad eye. And you got the bad eye with Charlie particularly if he was on the sticky wicket. On the other hand if it was something like improvements in social welfare he would be the most charming of guests. But he was definitely the most scary.”

“I had an encounter with Margaret Thatcher one time where I got to ask one question in a roundtable and she wasn’t half as scary as Charlie.”

Kenny was speaking ahead of the first airing of his new show on TV3 this evening, Pat Kenny Tonight.

The show has already drawn criticism because it is named after Kenny, even though it is cohosted by Colette Fitzpatrick.

“Like, what do you do?,” he said. “What do you call it? The Pat and Colette show? The PC show, the politically correct show? I think it was a decision to use my name as a marketing lead but Colette will be an integral part.”

Ms Fitzpatrick, told the media that the naming was not gender discrimination.

“He’s 68 years of age. He has nearly three decades on me so obviously, he is the lead role on this. It doesn’t mean I’m going to be doing very little, I have a substantial role.

“It’s not a sexism row, full stop.”

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