Civil servant left post with €1m during recession

A senior civil servant received a €1.119m severance package from an unknown Government department during the worst years of the recession.
Civil servant left post with €1m during recession

The situation was confirmed by an independent report into the matter, which also raised concerns over whether existing severance deal rules are being met.

Speaking during the latest meeting of the Dáil’s public accounts committee, Comptroller and Auditor General Seamus McCarthy said between 2011 and 2013 an unnamed civil servant received the seven-figure windfall after leaving their post.

Among other lucrative pay-offs during the period were €911,000 each to 11 Government department secretary generals; €523,000 each to two State body chief executives; and €54,000 each to 13 embassy staff.

However, the report also said 14 individuals in non-Government state bodies shared €1.5m worth of severance packages. This included six who received a combined €540,000 from the Central Bank, which attempted to fight some cases.

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