Danny Healy-Rae: Noah's Ark is proof that 'God controls the weather'

Independent TD Danny Healy-Rae has vowed to shoot any intruder who trespasses on his property, if left with no alternative.
Danny Healy-Rae: Noah's Ark is proof that 'God controls the weather'

The Kerry TD said it was “ridiculous” the way the law favoured a criminal in some incidents and he would shoot an intruder’s legs first.

In an interview with Hot Press magazine, the TD also said he believes that Noah’s Ark is “fact”.

Asked should people be able to protect their properties by shooting intruders, the TD responded: “Your home is your castle. When I see what happens to elderly people, when someone comes in and beats them and robs them — yeah, I’d have no problem.

“I’d aim for their legs first. I’d immobilise them first, or something like that, if there was no other way of dealing with them. I’d have no problem with that. It’s ridiculous where the law actually favours the criminal in some of these incidents.”

A new law in 2012 allowed homeowners to defend themselves using ‘reasonable force’. But Mr Healy-Rae’s comments are likely to ignite fresh debate.

The Kerry TD also said, following recent reports of a gay culture in Maynooth’s seminary for trainee priests, members of the Catholic clergy should be allowed to marry.

“I feel it would be more natural if they were allowed to get married. The Protestants allow their ministers to marry. I think it would be helpful in the recruitment of priests.”

He also said that he was not in favour of abortion or repealing the Eighth Amendment.

He also stood by his recent remarks that God controlled the weather: “Everyone is entitled to their view. I’m basing my views on facts. The facts are there and history proves it. We had the Ice Age. We had Noah’s Ark.”

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