Judge issues arrest warrant for absent free-runner

A man found on the kitchen roof of a house in Cork, who claimed he was engaged in the wall-jumping sport of free-running, decided to free himself of the obligation to come to court yesterday.

Judge issues arrest warrant for absent free-runner

At Cork District Court Judge Leo Malone issued a bench warrant for the free-runner’s arrest.

Eddie Burke, solicitor, reminded Judge Malone yesterday: “This is the man who was doing free-running, jumping over walls of gardens.”

The judge said: “My dogs would not be happy with that situation.”

Inspector Adrian Gamble said the case had been adjourned for the accused to attend the probation service to be assessed for suitability for community service. The court was told the accused was unable to attend the probation service because of work commitments. Judge Malone said that was not acceptable and issued a warrant for his arrest.

Sebastian Borzymowski, aged 25, with addresses at Belgrave Place, Wellington Rd, and at Grange Vale, Pinecroft, Douglas, Cork, was found on the roof of a house at Grange after 5.30am on September 30, 2014.

The householder was woken by the noise of someone crossing the kitchen roof and, when he looked out, he saw a man crouched behind wheelie bins.

Mr Burke said free-running featured at the start of the James Bond movie Casino Royale. It entails running up walls and jumping from one building to another. It was the explanation given on Borzymowski’s behalf on the last occasion at Cork District Court when Judge Malone said: “If I may say so I think that is a cock and bull story.”

Borzymowski was before the court on a plea of guilty to the charge of trespassing on the curtilage of the building and other charges.

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