Jet flying from Cuba to Germany forced to make two unexpected landings

Passengers on a flight from Cuba to Germany made two unexpected stops yesterday including one in Ireland where they landed for a crew change.

Jet flying from Cuba to Germany forced to make two unexpected landings

Air Berlin flight AB-7433 had departed Varadero, Cuba at around 4.20pm (local time) on Wednesday, bound for Dusseldorf in Germany.

Just 30 minutes after take-off, the crew of Airbus A330-200 jet declared a medical emergency over the Bahamas and diverted to Miami.

The flight, with 280 passengers and crew on board, landed in Miami about 80 minutes after leaving Varadero and was met by emergency medical services. A passenger was taken to hospital for treatment.

The aircraft remained on the ground until it was refuelled and the ill passenger’s baggage was removed in accordance with strict security procedures.

The flight departed Miami again shortly after 2am Irish time but because the crew would not have made it to Dusseldorf without exceeding their allowed flying hours, the jet diverted to Shannon Airport.

Crews are only allowed fly a limited number of hours before they must take a mandatory rest period.

Flight 7433 touched down in Shannon at 9.13am.

In the meantime, another Air Berlin aircraft flew from Dusseldorf to Shannon with a replacement crew for the transatlantic flight.

After just an hour on the ground and once the new crew had completed their pre-flight checks, flight 7433 was on its way again.

An Air Berlin spokeswoman said: “Flight AB7433 from Varadero to Dusseldorf with 280 passengers on board diverted to Miami due to the medical condition of one passenger. The passenger stayed in Miami for medical assistance. The flight was continued but had to stop over at Shannon Airport due to the regular crew time limitations. Another Air Berlin crew was sent to Shannon in order to continue the flight to Dusseldorf. We regret any inconvenience for our passengers.”

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