Open door led to Cork attack

A 72-year-old man was attacked when he admitted a young man to his apartment building thinking he was a resident and yesterday the culprit who sold his car to gather compensation was told he would have to get more money for the victim.

Open door led to Cork attack

Defence solicitor, Eamon Moloney, said that Jake Moynihan had sold his car and had brought the €2,800 he received for it to Cork District Court as an offer of compensation to the victim.

Mr Moloney said that represented an enormous amount of money to the accused and showed his remorse.

“It may be an enormous amount as far as he is concerned but it is a trivial amount as far as the victim is concerned. There is going to have to be €5,000 (in total).” said Judge Leo Malone.

Sentencing was adjourned until June 29 to allow the accused time to gather the additional €2,200. Judge Malone told Moynihan that drink was no excuse for his crime.

A suspended six-month sentence will be imposed if the full compensation is available at the end of June. The judge further advised the victim who was present in court that the €5,000 would not prevent him from suing Moynihan for compensation in a civil court.

The incident occurred at an apartment building in Cork city centre and the director of public prosecutions directed that the case could go on at Cork District Court only on a plea of guilty. Otherwise it would have to be dealt with as a trial by judge and jury.

Inspector Adrian Gamble said at 2.50am on July 11 at Tuckey Street, Cork, the accused, Jake Moynihan, 25, of 1, The Mews, Riverway, South Douglas Road, Cork, rang the buzzer of an apartment building.

A man living there responded to the man who was buzzing at the door and he believed that the caller was a resident who wanted to get in to his own apartment.

However, Insp Gamble said the 72-year-old man realised that the accused was not a resident and he asked him to leave. He tried to close an internal door as he asked him to get out of the building.

Insp Gamble said: “Mr Moynihan upped the ante with the level of aggression. The male who let him in was knocked on to the stairs and (the defendant) assaulted him with his fists causing injury to his head and body.”

The injured party had to get four stitches to his right eye and was discharged that night. He said that he had recovered well from the physical injury but agreed with Judge Malone that he would be wary now about responding to a knock at his door.

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