Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing

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Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing


EU leaders agreed the outline of an agreement they hope to put to Turkey this morning  to ease the migrant crisis.

The incoming government faces industrial unrest in schools and colleges  with the threat of one-day strikes in half of second-level schools in the autumn.

Child sex abuse victims are attending Galway University Hospital’s emergency department (ED)  for examination because the State’s only 24-hour forensic treatment service for under-14s has closed.

Members of the public, and perhaps people facing deportation, are being targeted by a sophisticated telephone scam  that extracts money.

The largest garda representative organisation is facing a vital ballot on rosters,  and the election of new leaders, which will determine if it is to become more militant.

The recent rise in oil prices has steadied prices at the pumps, but motorists are still more than €500 a year  better off than they were two years ago.

Demolition work on the site of Cork’s proposed €53m events and conference centre  is expected to begin after Easter.


The Islamic State (IS) militant group has committed genocide against minority Christians and Yazidis  as well as Shi’ite Muslims, US secretary of state John Kerry said, a finding that is unlikely to greatly change US policy toward the group.

President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia can rebuild its forces in Syria  “in a few hours”,  if necessary, and will continue striking extremist groups.


Liverpool claimed a place in the quarter-finals of the  Europa League  and it was made all the sweeter by earning it at the home of bitter rivals Manchester United.

Johnny Sexton admits he’s been  frustrated  by the lack of support from referees and officials during a bruising Six Nations campaign.


Boosting renewable energy generation to meet global climate goals could save as much as $4.2trn (€3.75trn) a year by 2030,  according to a report asking lawmakers to strengthen clean energy policies.

Heineken is likely to ask Vijay Mallya, who owes creditor banks more than $1bn, to step down from the board of United Breweries,  India’s largest brewer.


Eddie Hobbs looks at Ireland’s powerful, unelected forces  who control decision-making, upholding the status quo, and protecting their own interests at the expense of the general public, social progress, and the effective functioning of democracy


It was an out-of-the-blue phone call from an American that led to a space observatory being built in Cork City. Nine years on, and the project is being applauded worldwide  for its work with children, writes John Tynan


Under glorious blue skies, the St Patrick’s Day parade snaked through Dublin,  led by disability campaigner   Joanne O’Riordan.


Get your barrels ready, the Guinness-drinking punters are about to descend. Here are 12 things you’ll know only too well if you’ve had the experience of working in a pub on St Patrick’s Day.

Is Cork in your heart? Is Galway your state of mind? Is Kerry where you truly belong? Most of us love where we come from, but have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you were born somewhere else?


GAMING: The 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising has a lot of people feeling patriotic. And no videogame does patriotism quite like Broforce.

MOVIES: So you want to remake swords and sandals epic Ben-Hur and the chosen director is the man who made Wanted, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Nightwatch.

TECH: MainTool has been working on a gadget and connected app that turns your regular watch into a smartwatch with a variety of new functions.


Nicole Appleton has made the unlikely claim that All Saints’ new single about Liam Gallagher’s exposed affair is “his favourite song”.  Nicole divorced the Oasis singer in 2014 after six years when the media revealed that he was having an affair and expecting a child with American journalist Liza Ghorbani.


Djakadam, in the Gold Cup, will bring down the curtain for me on Cheltenham 2016  and what a way it would be to sign off, were he to win the race — and he has a real chance, writes Ruby Walsh

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