Luxury cars, Rolex watches, and €30k cash seized in raids

Some 35 high-powered vehicles, nine Rolex watches, and €30,000 in cash, with a total value of around €1m was seized yesterday in an operation targeting a gang involved in a murderous feud.

Luxury cars, Rolex watches, and €30k cash seized in raids

Among the 29 cars seized was a new Mercedes AMG, which sources said would be worth €100,000 if genuine, but Criminal Assets Bureau officers are examining its authenticity.

One of the six bikes seized, a top-of-the-range Kawasaki, is valued at €38,000.

Some 18 premises in Dublin linked with the gang of murdered boss David Byrne were raided — comprising 11 homes and seven businesses, including a car dealership, a pub, and accountancy and solicitors firms.

Byrne, from Crumlin, south Dublin, a lieutenant in the Kinahan crime cartel, was shot dead at the Regency Hotel on February 4. Edward Hutch was murdered in retaliation on February 8.

The bulk of the operation, which began at 4.30am and was led by CAB, targeted the base of the gang in Crumlin.

Crumlin community worker, Susan Collins, who had called for CAB to act, welcomed the searches, but said they must be followed up by major investment in community policing.

Five homes linked to one family were searched on three adjoining streets in Crumlin — Raleigh Square, Windmill Road, and Kildare Road. The nearby homes of at least three other senior associates were also raided.

Sources said many of the homes were “heavily fortified” and, in one case, the Emergency Response Unit used a hydraulic system to force open a door that had 15 locks.

CAB took away 10 new high-powered cars from the homes, including a Mercedes CLA, a Lexus, two five series BMWs, four Golf GTDs, an Audi, as well as the Mercedes AMG. They also confiscated nine Rolex and other luxury watches, worth around €40,000, and jewellery and sums of euro and sterling totalling €30,000.

They also identified an apparent betting slip worth €38,000 on tonight’s Liverpool-Manchester United match with odds of 7/4.

A separate search of a car dealership in Bluebell resulted in the seizure of 19 cars and six motorbikes.

A pub in Dublin’s north inner city, as well as accountancy firms and solicitors offices, were also searched.

CAB boss, Detective Chief Superintendent Eugene Corcoran, said: “This was the result of a very lengthy investigation into the activities of this particular organised crime group.”

He said the purpose was to “gather evidence” as to whether any of the assets were the proceeds of crime.

Ms Collins of Addiction Response Crumlin said: “I think the searches are great. It’s the first positive thing in a long time, but they are 10 years overdue.”

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