Catch-up with what you've missed today with our evening briefing

Here’s a briefing on some of the stories and issues highlighted on today.

Catch-up with what you've missed today with our evening briefing


Next Tuesday's strike by Luas drivers has been called off, pending the outcome of talks on Monday.

Sinn Féin has said it would not have the money to refund people who have already paid their water charges.

Fianna Fáil TDs will meet next Monday to decide on a single nominee for Ceann Comhairle - with four members expressing an interest.

Fine Gael engaged in the most negative campaigning online during the election campaign, analysts have revealed.

ALONE is concerned that almost 90% of Dublin City Council flats do not meet minimum housing standards.

A survey of parents has revealed that almost a third (31%) of children in Ireland have never climbed a tree.


Donald Trump has come under a brutal attack from former US presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who urged fellow Republicans to shun the property tycoon for the good of the country and party.

Oscar Pistorius has been denied the right to appeal against his murder conviction over the shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.


RTÉ and TV3 have reached an agreement that will see TV3 sub-licence 22 of the 51 games of the UEFA Euro 2016 Finals.

Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce has insisted he only played Adam Johnson while he awaited trail on child sex offences because the player continued to protest his innocence.


Housebuyers in Co Leitrim have been able to snap up bargain-priced properties from former Westlife singer, Shane Filan’s collapsed property firm.

Florence Swanson has lived through every American car from the Ford Model T to the Tesla Model. Now, at 94, she has stepped into what Google hopes will be the automotive future — self-driving vehicles.


Irish Water is suddenly the focus of deals to form a coalition. How did that happen? asks Political Reporter Fiachra Ó Cionnaith


From a job interview to being tasked with an important presentation at work, public speaking is intimidating. But don’t fear, Catherine Moonan, who worked on the ‘Dragons Den’, is here with tips to bring you the confidence you need.


Following the election it looks like Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are to join forces and the chaos it is causing has become a source of entertainment for a certain section of society.

Rather than ordering a costume for World Book Day from the Argos catalogue, comedian Joe Heenan decided to dress his kids as items from pages 89 and 165.


GAMING: Star Wars Battlefront has Hoth, and Luke and shedloads of lasers but it's missing one pretty important thing - a story. And it looks like even a stormtrooper has noticed.

MOVIES: House of Cards Season 4 will be ready to rock on your Netflix first thing tomorrow morning.

TECH: Drones are already big business and now they're going to be big in sports as well with the first major drone race for cash set to take place in Dubai. And we're talking about a serious prize fund of $1 million here.


Who you gonna call? The all-female Ghostbusters strap on Proton Packs, fight with ghouls and tear around New York in Ecto-1 in the first trailer for the rebootof the classic film.


Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been gaining huge amounts of support in his campaign to become the Republican nominee for the 2016 general election in the US and most of it seems to be coming from the controversial nature of his speeches and policies. SoFlo sent one of their guys out onto the streets of Los Angeles with a Donald Trump pamphlet but it was not to spread the good word of 'The Donald'. Instead of Trump's policies they printed quotes from Adolf Hitler and asked random supporters of the Republican frontrunner what they thought.

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