TDs bid farewell to Dáil with sales of Guinness rising 12%

In the home of the government, they fancy the black stuff.
TDs bid farewell to Dáil with sales of Guinness rising 12%

Sales of Guinness at the Dáil bar last year jumped by 12%, with TDs and their friends downing 273 pints of the black stuff alone on the busiest night that coincided with the Dáil’s main break-up night before Christmas, on December 16.

Cut-price beer at the Dáil bar is one of the perks for those successful candidates currently criss crossing constituencies in the general election campaign.

Maybe it was discussion on obscure legislation such as the International Protection Bill and the Industrial Relations (Blacklist) Bill that had the TDs heading for the bar, but some deputies had already departed the Dáil chamber for the bar stool before the Dáil adjourned at 10.25pm on the night.

The figures show that last year at the Dáil bar saw a recovery in the amount of Guinness and Heineken sold, reflecting the lift in the wider economy.

In response to a Freedom of Information request, the Houses of the Oireachtas Commission confirmed that the Dáil and visitors’ bar last year sold a total of 82 kegs of Guinness, and 41 kegs of Heineken.

Based on 90 pints in a keg, this translates to 7,380 pints of Guinness and 3,690 pints of Heineken.

The number of kegs sold in 2015 compared to 73 kegs of Guinness and 35 kegs of Heineken sold in 2014.

However, perhaps mindful of the election ahead, the deputies curbed their drinking on the busiest night as the revenues in 2015 fell short of the busiest night at the bar in 2014, when revenues of €7,461 were recorded.

The second busiest night was budget night on October 13 when revenues of €6,301 were recorded, with deputies drinking 307 pints of Guinness and 112 pints of Heineken.

The third busiest night of the year was December 2 when revenues of €5,926 were clocked up, followed by the last night of the Dáil term on December 18, where the tills rang up revenues of €5,261.

Punters can expect to pay around €5 for a pint of Guinness in a Dublin city centre pub and €5.40 for a pint of Heineken.

However, TDs, senators and their guests at Leinster House enjoy the perk of cut-price beer — having to only fork out €4.40 for a pint of Guinness and €4.80 for a pint of Heineken.

The Oireachtas bars generated €873,642 in revenues in 2014, with profits jumping 10% to €115,466.

The profit and revenue figure for 2015 is not yet available.

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