Pair allegedly injected heroin in court toilets

A member of the public visiting the courthouse in Cork City alerted gardaí to noises from a cubicle in the ladies’ toilets where a couple were found injecting themselves with heroin, it was alleged yesterday.
Pair allegedly injected heroin in court toilets

Insp Adrian Gamble outlined those allegations to Judge Leo Malone at Cork District Court yesterday. The alleged offence occurred metres away from where the outline was given yesterday.

Insp Gamble said: “On October 23, 2014, here in the court, a member of the public told Garda Nicole Fitzgerald there was a male in the ladies’ toilet. Garda Fitzgerald went in and heard a male and female voice from a cubicle of the female toilets.

“Garda Fitzgerald knocked at the door of the cubicle but nobody came out. Garda Fitzgerald entered the adjacent cubicle where she stood up and could see Laura Taaffe with a man and both of them appeared to have injected heroin.

“Both persons were arrested. Laura Taaffe was asked five times if she was in possession of anything sharp and she replied she was not. Garda Fitzgerald held up her [Taaffe’s] arm and a syringe fell to the floor.

“She was asked again if she had anything sharp in her possession and again she said she had nothing sharp but a second syringe was found inside her bra. She became increasingly intoxicated in the search.”

Judge Malone accepted jurisdiction to deal with the case at Cork District Court.

Eddie Burke, solicitor, asked for adjournment so prosecution statements could be sent to the defence. Judge Malone put the case back for a fortnight for the accused to indicate how she will plead to the charge of having diamorphine (heroin) for her own use.

Ms Taaffe, aged 20, of Riverview House, North Mall, Cork, is charged with being intoxicated to the extent she was a danger to herself and placing a syringe in a manner likely to cause injury or fright for another.

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