Dublin Docklands Development Authority to be wound up by Christmas, says Joan Burton

The Tánaiste says the controversial Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) will be wound up before Christmas.

Dublin Docklands Development Authority to be wound up by Christmas, says Joan Burton

This is despite a recent Public Accounts Committee (PAC) recommendation that the quango be kept in place until issues relating to the Longboat Quay development are resolved. Yesterday, Joan Burton said the DDDA — which has been plagued by controversy over the purchase of the old Irish Glass Bottle Site in Ringsend — would be dissolved in the coming weeks. Labour party colleague Joe Costello confirmed: “It should be passed before Christmas.”

The dissolution Bill is due to go before the Dáil next Thursday and will then be forwarded onto the Seanad.

Ms Burton added: “When it is passed before Christmas, it will have an amendment representing the status of the consultative forum and that the report of that would be laid before the Dáil annually. So it’s giving formal recognition to the consultative process in terms of local communities here.”

However, just last week, PAC advised against winding up the DDDA until liabilities arising from the need to remedy fire structural deficiencies at the Longboat Quay apartment complex are discharged.

Residents of the apartments were earlier this year told there were fire safety problems. The DDDA has already spent €1m to fix fire alarm system deficiencies; however, bigger problems will cost approximately €4m to solve.

The PAC reported: “Given the failure of oversight, there is now an onus on both bodies to play a significant role in delivering a solution that will see the structural deficiencies rectified. As there is likely to be a liability arising for the DDDA, the Committee will recommend that the dissolution of the DDDA be deferred until this issue is dealt with.”

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