Meeting called for Cork flood victims

Residents affected by a recent court decision that found the ESB chiefly responsible for the damage caused by the Cork flooding of November 19, 2009, can attend a public information meeting tomorrow night.
Meeting called for Cork flood victims

Barry Keane, of the Mardyke Residents’ Association, is calling on householders and business owners impacted by the flooding to get their affairs in order quickly, as the statue of limitations on suing for the flood damage is up in mid-November.

“There is only a few weeks left, so people really have to get going on it now. The flooding of 2009 was very different. Normally, there is a warning system in place and people can take precautions. There was no warning. Businesses got wiped out. We will be here on Friday night to give people practical advice on what to do next.”

He said residents had valued personal possessions destroyed. Many are living in properties that are uninsurable and unsellable.

The ESB could face hundreds of compensation claims from residents and businesses, after the Commercial Court ruled it was liable for damage caused to buildings in UCC, following the flooding. Fifty people whose homes were damaged have lodged legal papers.

Cork politicians, such as Fine Gael junior minister, Dara Murphy, have urged the ESB to make a compensation offer to the relevant residents and businesses.

UCC had brought its claim on behalf of its insurer, Aviva, which is seeking €20m damage for losses at UCC, and an additional €14m for other losses suffered by other property owners.

Earlier this month, the Commercial Court ruled that ESB was 60% liable for flood damage to UCC, following the extensive flooding six years ago. The court ruled that an unprecedented discharge of water from the Inniscarra dam after torrential rainfall in the Lee Valley was a key factor in the flooding.

The public meeting takes place tomorrow night at the Cork County Cricket Club in the Mardyke at 8pm.

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